Gruppo Pritelli

since 1976

From the first Cattolica boutique to the ten shops in the main Italian cities. From the development of the first Racing Apparel collection to the production of clothing for many motorcycle manufacturers and two-wheel champions.



The heart of the Group’s business is the over 7,500 square meters of Headquarters: strategy and business management are born here. Logistics, Sales, Administration and Marketing work best for the Fashion, Racing and Hospitality sectors.
In the headquarters there is also the design and style area where the Racing Apparel collections are born.


never stop

Gruppo Pritelli is a constantly evolving company that, through the exploration of the most diverse commercial areas, is able to anticipate tastes and intuit future trends. Hospitality, art, events in a continuum of emotional style and innovation. Innovativeness led the Group to a major project, the new e-commerce website,