Five nominations at the Jolla International Fashion Film Festival for the short film produced by Gruppo Pritelli, written, and directed by Marco Celotti.


Best director, Best sound design, Best cast ensemble, Best creative concept, Best art direction the categories in which it is competing at the Californian Festival, a reference point in the fashion world.


The Jolla International Fashion Film Festival is called the Cannes of fashion films. Every summer, it brings together fashion professionals and enthusiasts in La Jolla (San Diego), to select the brightest and most creative projects in the fashion world.

The short film produced and shot by Gruppo Pritelli, a company based in Cattolica (RN) whose core business is the interpretation of trends and contemporary taste, competes to the five categories of these prestigious international awards, namely the best director, the best sound design, the best cast ensemble, the best creative concept, and the best art direction.

On the occasion of Air Max Day 2022, the day on which Nike celebrates the birth of the Nike Air Max, the iconic US company has identified some exclusive stores in Italy to introduce its historic shoe model, long dreamed of by collectors and addicted sneakers alike.

Spazio Pritelli, which is among the very few in Italy to have the most exclusive Nike collections, has chosen to pay tribute to the Air Max 2022 by producing a short film directed by Marco Celotti. The film’s backdrop is the Riviera, where children and sea’s friends spend the afternoons chasing the ball between the pastel cabins while their mothers call tirelessly, and the bowls players meet and have fun.  A decidedly new cut compared to the classic sports-themed commercials and fashion films, which take a narratively more cinematographic direction with the intention to depict a short magical and poetic story.


The locations chosen for the filming go from Cervia to Cattolica. The environment is classical. It denotes the authentic atmosphere of the first sunny days on the beach, the faces, the accents, in other words, the unmistakably Romagna. This is a precise stylistic choice for a storytelling of global importance, which has put in the spotlight an identity imprint and the splendor of a territory where Spazio Pritelli emerged and developed.

It is precisely because of these characteristics that the fashion film is selected for these five categories of the only international festival dedicated to the world of fashion. The winners will be announced at the end of June.


Marco Celotti is a director of Romagna origin.

After completing his university education in Bologna and Verona and a career entirely focused on fashion, he moved to London where he began to film his first campaigns as a freelancer. In 2019 he returned to Italy and participated in the Paris Fashion Film Festival ASVOFF11, where his personal project Alice won the first prize.  Subsequently, he moved to Milan where he continued his career as a director, devoting himself to the world of fashion. In 2020, he created the Otto e Leda project that was published in Vogue Italia. In 2021, he continued to specialize in comedy being invited to teach at the post-graduate master of the IED – European Institute of Design.