From 6 June the Gruppo Pritelli store is open
in the heart of the shopping avenues.


Streetwear, urban subculture, collectible sneakers are the elements that characterize the original and exclusive proposal of the new space.

The new Acquasalata Group Pritelli store opened on Saturday 6 June in Viale Gramsci in Riccione.

Acquasalata Riccione adds to the exclusive range of luxury clothing and fashion that has always characterized the boutique belonging to the Group and opens in the heart of the shopping boulevards with a 400 square meter space designed by the architectural firm Storage Milan. I cooked strips laid in a herringbone pattern, the great walls of mirrors, contemporary design furniture are the contrasting traits that distinguish Acquasalata that, as the namesake store based in Catholic, is a multi-brand offering collections for reference streetwear and urban subculture, a mix of eclectic-inspired styles ranging from cult brands to independent new generation brands that stand out for their creativity and nonconformity.

As for the Cattolica store, also in Riccione to accompany Acquasalata there is The Sneaker Shop, the kingdom of sneaker culture, where you can find an accurate and unconventional selection of iconic sneakers protagonists of limited editions and special collaborations.

Since 1976 Gruppo Pritelli has been a constantly evolving company. From fashion to racing, from food to hospitality, creativity, research and professionalism have allowed the Group to anticipate contemporary taste and sense future trends.

I’m 10 today the store signed Pritelli Group, divided between Pritelli Space, Acquasalata, The Sneaker Shop Kidz, all defined by a single trait and unmistakable.