Pedro Acosta, prospective signing for Gruppo Pritelli

On the eve of the 2024 Moto World Championship, Pritelli Group adds another valuable piece to its rider mosaic for its racing section, the talented Spaniard Pedro Acosta.

The very young Iberian, born in 2004, has jumped to the sports headlines for his noteworthy performances, first in the Moto 3 championship and later in the Moto 2 world championship.

Pedro Acosta, in fact, has already graduated as a two-time world champion and is an official candidate to be one of the brightest prospects in the two-wheel motorsport scene.

Riding the Tech 3 team’s GAS motorcycle, 2024 will be his first year among the MotoGP greats, and Pritelli Group did not miss the opportunity to be able to settle a strong and talented rider in its stable, investing in the conception, production and distribution of its official collections.

The young Pedro Acosta will virtually find as teammates, as far as the official collections are concerned, his compatriots Marc Marquez, Alex Marquez and Jorge Martin adding prestigious value to Gruppo Pritelli’s offer.

Not to mention that the latter can also count on world champion Fabio Quartararo and the Ducati, Honda HRC, Yamaha, Respol, Team Gresini Racing and Sic 58 Squadra Corse teams.

Let a new sports season begin!