Gruppo Pritelli chooses Ortisei to open new KIDZ store

Gruppo Pritelli confirms itself as a company in continuous development and with a clearly defined vision. The new location of the group's second store, dedicated to fashion for the little ones, is already fully operational: KIDZ Ortisei. A picturesque, coveted location rich in tourism becomes the home of an exclusive shop characterised by elegant and refined design. The unmistakable touch of the Storage Milano architecture studio emerges in a fairytale setting with a play of light and reflections that catapults you into a magical place. Fashion lovers and loyal customers will be welcomed into a comfortable environment where attention to detail is predominant. Awaiting them is a selection of the most prestigious brands of clothing dedicated to children's and girls' fashion; from Gucci to Balmain kids, passing through more outdoor and technical brands such as North Face kids and Patagonia, you will truly enjoy a complete experience. From fashion to racing and hospitality, creativity, research and professionalism have enabled the Gruppo Pritelli to anticipate contemporary taste and foresee future trends. Click on the link here to discover all the details of the store and the complete brand list awaiting you! The store is located in Strada Rezia, 4 in Ortisei, what are you waiting for? We are ready to welcome you!