Fashion has a new benchmark: the e-commerce dedicated to women’s, men’s, children’s wear and the sneakers world is now online. A worldwide platform focused on fashion and whatever defines trend. The site combines the range from all the Gruppo Pritelli stores: Spazio Pritelli, Acquasalata, The Sneakers Shop and Kidz, each with a different style, from luxury to streetwear.

More than 350 leading fashion brands collaborate with the Group, forming the offer of, which ranges from the collections of the most important and iconic luxury designers to new wave brands. The layout mixes functionality with an elegant minimalist aesthetic, through which the user can access more than 12,000 items dedicated to women, 8,000 to men, 4,000 to kids, and 1,500 sneakers.

The shopping experience starts from the 4 dedicated home pages that cast the eye over an overall view; a filter-based search system available in all site listings allows you to easily find the desired item at every stage of browsing. All this makes each purchase unique and customizable. A specialized multilingual team, which can be contacted via email, chat and phone, follows the customer through every step of the purchase process by providing real-time responses to any specific needs.

Deeply rooted in the core values of Gruppo Pritelli is the constant focus on customer satisfaction, reflected by in dedicated pre- and post-sales services.