Riccione Nov. 3, 2022. A.P.C. chooses Acquasalata Riccione as its partner to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the fashion brand created by Jean Touitou in 1987 in Paris. In honor of this milestone, on Nov. 13, the boutique of Viale Gramsci is hosting an event: the central focus will be the presentation of the special collection A.P.C. Touitou Interaction #17. The kick-off is set at 5 p.m., with music by Dj Cobra (Giorgia Annibalini) and free beers until 8 p.m.   The French clothing brand offers a wide range collection of apparel and accessories for men and women that incarnates a simple and natural elegance. The A.P.C. brand reflects the vision of its creator, consisting of a minimalistic and essential aesthetic. It is this very identity, elegant and casual, that makes A.P.C. a timeless brand.   “Fashion has become what jazz always was: 20% notes and 80% attitude, as Miles Davis liked to say. This means that you don’t need a huge wardrobe to play well. This collection is based on a dogma: monochrome. And a necessity: the refusal of repressive desublimation. In other words, leave me alone and let me do exactly what I want to do. I decide that we have enough clothes in our closet and I decide to add a limited series of pieces: P43 fatigues, A.P.C. jeans with a chain on the side, a Shetland sweater, and that’s it. And because I like to give meaning to what I do, the sentences written or suggested here and there refer to the superego, absurdity and economy as acts of war.”


A great success at La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival for the short film produced by Gruppo Pritelli, written and directed by Marco Celotti.     In addition to this prestigious award, "A Fashion Film for Nike Air Max" is also competing in 4 categories - Best Director, Best Advertising, Best Children Fashion Film and Best Actor - at the London Fashion Film Festival to be held on September 15 in London. All information here.


Three exclusive apartments in the heart of Cattolica, 5 minutes from the beach, in an ideal location to fully experience the sea and the city, which is also perfect for short stays. Two brand new two-bedroom and one three-bedroom flats equipped with all the comforts, set in a prestigious building where contemporary architecture is the star. All residences are characterised by their finishes, attention to detail and choice of materials, and each is equipped with underfloor heating and air conditioning. Visit Le Residenze


A FASHION FILM FOR NIKE AIR MAX: Five nominations at the Jolla International Fashion Film Festival for the short film produced by Gruppo Pritelli, written, and directed by Marco Celotti.   Best director, Best sound design, Best cast ensemble, Best creative concept, Best art direction the categories in which it is competing at the Californian Festival, a reference point in the fashion world.   The Jolla International Fashion Film Festival is called the Cannes of fashion films. Every summer, it brings together fashion professionals and enthusiasts in La Jolla (San Diego), to select the brightest and most creative projects in the fashion world. The short film produced and shot by Gruppo Pritelli, a company based in Cattolica (RN) whose core business is the interpretation of trends and contemporary taste, competes to the five categories of these prestigious international awards, namely the best director, the best sound design, the best cast ensemble, the best creative concept, and the best art direction. On the occasion of Air Max Day 2022, the day on which Nike celebrates the birth of the Nike Air Max, the iconic US company has identified some exclusive stores in Italy to introduce its historic shoe model, long dreamed of by collectors and addicted sneakers alike. Spazio Pritelli, which is among the very few in Italy to have the most exclusive Nike collections, has chosen to pay tribute to the Air Max 2022 by producing a short film directed by Marco Celotti. The film’s backdrop is the Riviera, where children and sea’s friends spend the afternoons chasing the ball between the pastel cabins while their mothers call tirelessly, and the bowls players meet and have fun.  A decidedly new cut compared to the classic sports-themed commercials and fashion films, which take a narratively more cinematographic direction with the intention to depict a short magical and poetic story.   The locations chosen for the filming go from Cervia to Cattolica. The environment is classical. It denotes the authentic atmosphere of the first sunny days on the beach, the faces, the accents, in other words, the unmistakably Romagna. This is a precise stylistic choice for a storytelling of global importance, which has put in the spotlight an identity imprint and the splendor of a territory where Spazio Pritelli emerged and developed. It is precisely because of these characteristics that the fashion film is selected for these five categories of the only international festival dedicated to the world of fashion. The winners will be announced at the end of June.   Marco Celotti is a director of Romagna origin. After completing his university education in Bologna and Verona and a career entirely focused on fashion, he moved to London where he began to film his first campaigns as a freelancer. In 2019 he returned to Italy and participated in the Paris Fashion Film Festival ASVOFF11, where his personal project Alice won the first prize.  Subsequently, he moved to Milan where he continued his career as a director, devoting himself to the world of fashion. In 2020, he created the Otto e Leda project that was published in Vogue Italia. In 2021, he continued to specialize in comedy being invited to teach at the post-graduate master of the IED – European Institute of Design.  


Nike has chosen Spazio Pritelli to celebrate the Air Max Day. The US company has selected a limited number of exclusive stores around the world to tell its historic shoe model on the occasion of the 2022 edition. For this world event, Spazio Pritelli has produced a short film directed by Marco Celotti entirely shot on the Riviera: a precise stylistic choice that has put in the spotlight an identity imprint and the suggestions of a territory where Spazio Pritelli was created and developed. We are happy to share this project with you. You can see the short film and enjoy a few minutes of authenticity and lightness at the following link.


From this year the official collection of the MotoGP champion will be designed, produced and distributed by the Cattolica-based company. The Gruppo Pritelli team is further consolidated with a new champion who joins the many who have already chosen the Cattolica-based company for the design, production and distribution of the official collections, from garments to accessories. We are talking about Enea Bastianini from Rimini, born in 1997, recent winner of the first race of the MotoGP championship in Qatar. After winning the Moto2 World Championship title in 2020, Bastianini made his MotoGP debut in 2021, taking two podiums in the San Marino and Riviera di Rimini Grand Prix and the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix and ending the season in eleventh place in the overall standings. "We are very proud and satisfied of this result - says Maurizio Pritelli, CEO and founder of the Group - which confirms once again our attitude and vocation to understand the world of riders and motorcycling world.  We are even more proud because Enea Bastianini is a child of this land, of the land of motors.  He joins a team that has become in these years more and more relevant and prestigious, racing teams, world champions and MotoGP legends has been part of it. His collection will be available to the fans already in the next weeks". Gruppo Pritelli’s collections nowadays features various champions of the two wheels, including Fabio Quartararo, Marc Marquez, Alex Marquez, Jorge Martin, Andrea Dovizioso, as well as beloved legends of MotoGP such Marco Simoncelli and Nicky Hayden and the Ducati, Honda HRC and Respol and Sic 58 Squadra Corse teams. A very unique offer for fans and enthusiasts from all over the world who can find in a single gallery all the stuff of their idols and many official MotoGP items. The new 2022 collections are available at Pritelli’s website dedicated to the racing world: For commercial references and further information:  


  In recent days, the consensual termination of the contract with the Nicco23 company The lease contract between Gruppo Pritelli and Nicco23 was terminated consensually a few days ago. The latter, starting from the last months of 2016, managed the premises owned by the Group in via Carlo Marx in Cattolica as Caffè Pascucci & Nicco23, a space that is part of the commercial gallery that houses Acquasalata, The Sneaker Shop, Kidz, three stores of the Gruppo Pritelli galaxy. "We have agreed by mutual agreement to terminate the contract early - declares the CEO of the Maurizio Pritelli Group - and I want to publicly thank the Nicco23 company for the beautiful collaboration of these years always with the utmost correctness and professionalism. A new project for that space is mature for us, we have been working for some time to better define its identity in a coherent and valuable way so that in a short time it can enrich the range of opportunities of the Gruppo Pritelli ecosystem ". Since 1976 Gruppo Pritelli has been a constantly evolving company. From fashion to racing, from food to hospitality, creativity and an original vision have allowed the Group to anticipate contemporary tastes and sense future trends. Over the years the first historic boutique born in Cattolica has been joined by numerous new spaces dedicated to luxury and streetwear created by the best Italian architects. The first Racing Apparel collections immediately conquered drivers, teams and the public, elevating the Group to industry leaders. Research and innovation are also reflected in food and hospitality, two other branches of excellence of the company.


From 6 June the Gruppo Pritelli store is open in the heart of the shopping avenues.   Streetwear, urban subculture, collectible sneakers are the elements that characterize the original and exclusive proposal of the new space. The new Acquasalata Group Pritelli store opened on Saturday 6 June in Viale Gramsci in Riccione. Acquasalata Riccione adds to the exclusive range of luxury clothing and fashion that has always characterized the boutique belonging to the Group and opens in the heart of the shopping boulevards with a 400 square meter space designed by the architectural firm Storage Milan. I cooked strips laid in a herringbone pattern, the great walls of mirrors, contemporary design furniture are the contrasting traits that distinguish Acquasalata that, as the namesake store based in Catholic, is a multi-brand offering collections for reference streetwear and urban subculture, a mix of eclectic-inspired styles ranging from cult brands to independent new generation brands that stand out for their creativity and nonconformity. As for the Cattolica store, also in Riccione to accompany Acquasalata there is The Sneaker Shop, the kingdom of sneaker culture, where you can find an accurate and unconventional selection of iconic sneakers protagonists of limited editions and special collaborations. Since 1976 Gruppo Pritelli has been a constantly evolving company. From fashion to racing, from food to hospitality, creativity, research and professionalism have allowed the Group to anticipate contemporary taste and sense future trends. I'm 10 today the store signed Pritelli Group, divided between Pritelli Space, Acquasalata, The Sneaker Shop Kidz, all defined by a single trait and unmistakable.  


Events, signature cuisine and a renewed format are the elements that characterize it the new hospitality concept. The Gruppo Pritelli has acquired the Victoria Palace Hotel, the four-star hotel overlooking the Cattolica sea, born in the early twentieth century. The Group's goal is to continue on the restyling process started in recent years with the renovation works curated by architect Vincenzo De Cotiis that have transformed the hotel's common areas into minimal and refined design spaces. For this reason, the Storage Milano architecture studio has been entrusted with the task of designing the eighth floor of the structure, destined to house 4 panoramic penthouse suites, with a unique view of the Riviera and the promontory of Gabicce Monte. A restyling that will progressively involve all the hotel floors and rooms. From next spring the Victoria Palace Hotel will change its format by opening its spaces also to external customers, who can choose to treat themselves to a special breakfast on the splendid terrace overlooking the sea or taste the Japanese cuisine of QÌ Sushi, who will soon take home in the heart of the hotel. Even the events will find an ideal space in the new concept signed by Gruppo Pritelli, special events with the cultural contamination between the arts, experimentation and creative production at the center.


Between personal memories, passions and business Maurizio Pritelli tells how he led the company to become a point of reference for the world of fashion, motorcycling and hospitality. A special on the Economy insert and the cover of Corriere Romagna on 5 February 2020 are dedicated to Gruppo Pritelli. Particular attention from the press due to the undeniable results achieved in recent years by the company, in multiple sectors: from the universe of fashion and trends to the world of motorcycling to hospitality. A story by Maurizio Pritelli, CEO of the Group, which touches on more intimate aspects and passions, business and enterprise, up to the photograph of what the Group is today, in 2020: a strongly growing, dynamic and innovative reality, which it acts as a protagonist in the national and international scenario.