Marc Marquez and Red Bull choose Gruppo Pritelli

Gruppo Pritelli is pleased to announce its collaboration with Marc Marquez, multiple MotoGP world champion, and sponsor Red Bull to create a new official collection. This exclusive collaboration will see the creation of a line of clothing and accessories dedicated to fans of the Spanish champion, combining the quality and innovation of Gruppo Pritelli with the energy and passion of Red Bull. “We are thrilled to be working with a motorcycling icon like Marc Marquez,” says Maurizio Pritelli, CEO and founder of Gruppo Pritelli. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to supporting top racing talent and providing fans with high-quality products.” The collection will be available both on Gruppo Pritelli's official website earmarked for the collections of top MotoGP riders, as well as on selected platforms, allowing fans around the world to access exclusive items signed by Marquez and Red Bull. This initiative further strengthens Pritelli Group's position as a leader in motorcycling-related sportswear and accessories. For more information and to purchase products from the collection, visit the official Gp Racing Apprel website!

Pedro Acosta, prospective signing for Gruppo Pritelli

On the eve of the 2024 Moto World Championship, Pritelli Group adds another valuable piece to its rider mosaic for its racing section, the talented Spaniard Pedro Acosta. The very young Iberian, born in 2004, has jumped to the sports headlines for his noteworthy performances, first in the Moto 3 championship and later in the Moto 2 world championship. Pedro Acosta, in fact, has already graduated as a two-time world champion and is an official candidate to be one of the brightest prospects in the two-wheel motorsport scene. Riding the Tech 3 team's GAS motorcycle, 2024 will be his first year among the MotoGP greats, and Pritelli Group did not miss the opportunity to be able to settle a strong and talented rider in its stable, investing in the conception, production and distribution of its official collections. The young Pedro Acosta will virtually find as teammates, as far as the official collections are concerned, his compatriots Marc Marquez, Alex Marquez and Jorge Martin adding prestigious value to Gruppo Pritelli's offer. Not to mention that the latter can also count on world champion Fabio Quartararo and the Ducati, Honda HRC, Yamaha, Respol, Team Gresini Racing and Sic 58 Squadra Corse teams. Let a new sports season begin!

Penthouse Victoria and Palace, the sense of exclusivity of the Victoria Palace Hotel

They are called Victoria and Palace and they are the new Penthouse Suites being created on the penthouse floor of Victoria Palace Hotel, Pritelli Group's 4-star hotel on Cattolica's seafront. Two large open spaces on the eighth floor that offer the most beautiful views of the coast and hills and revolutionize the concept of hospitality on the Riviera. A brand-new proposal debuting in summer 2024, an architectural project by studio ATA that was inspired by the extraordinary nature of the place and its colors. Immense panoramic terraces embrace the interiors with a minimal and elegant design - clear and with warm sand tones - that recalls the landscape that enters, uncontainable, from the large windowed walls. The suites, of about 85sqm and with a similar distribution of spaces, will be available to the guests of the Victoria Palace both in b&b and residence formula, have a living room and a kitchen, as well as an immense solarium to enjoy the sun in total privacy, to eat outdoors or for an aperitif while waiting for the sunset show or waiting for the sunrise over the sea. An important design intervention that once again underlines Pritelli Group's idea of innovation, which follows a trajectory that intercepts - and often anticipates - new market demands and opens up to different segments in terms of targets and needs. An invitation to spend an exclusive and special vacation, which transforms the structure itself into a destination.

Acqua Salata Cortina, the meeting point of streetwear and sports performance

December 2023, a key month for the growth and prestige of Pritelli Group, the countdown has already started and the announcement of the new Acqua Salata Cortina store is near. Ready to experience urban style with boldness and technical excellence? Cortina d'Ampezzo is ready to be a new reference point for streetwear and sportswear lovers. A prestigious and authoritative location for tourism and mountain sports has been chosen as a base to raise the "bar" of our stores even higher. It could be called a symphony of iconic brands the Acqua Salata Cortina, which aims to become a haven for fans of urban fashion and more technical clothing. The store was expertly designed by architecture firm Storage Milano and stands out in a setting where the Dolomites create the perfect contour and atmosphere. Designed to embrace the energy of the streets and the power of the mountain peaks, each garment is meant to be perfect for your dynamic lifestyle. Acqua Salata Cortina will surprise with its unique collaborations with a team that will professionally guide you in making the right choice for your needs. Explore all the Nike, Carhartt Wip and Stüssy collections and experience the thrill of the high seas with the Oakley, Salomon, Poc , The North Face, Norda running and Altra running lines. Click on the link here to find out all the store details and the full brand list waiting for you! What to add...all you have to do is drop by to make the most of our experience! The store is located at Via Roma, 2 - corner Corso Italia in Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Gruppo Pritelli chooses Ortisei to open new KIDZ store

Gruppo Pritelli confirms itself as a company in continuous development and with a clearly defined vision. The new location of the group's second store, dedicated to fashion for the little ones, is already fully operational: KIDZ Ortisei. A picturesque, coveted location rich in tourism becomes the home of an exclusive shop characterised by elegant and refined design. The unmistakable touch of the Storage Milano architecture studio emerges in a fairytale setting with a play of light and reflections that catapults you into a magical place. Fashion lovers and loyal customers will be welcomed into a comfortable environment where attention to detail is predominant. Awaiting them is a selection of the most prestigious brands of clothing dedicated to children's and girls' fashion; from Gucci to Balmain kids, passing through more outdoor and technical brands such as North Face kids and Patagonia, you will truly enjoy a complete experience. From fashion to racing and hospitality, creativity, research and professionalism have enabled the Gruppo Pritelli to anticipate contemporary taste and foresee future trends. Click on the link here to discover all the details of the store and the complete brand list awaiting you! The store is located in Strada Rezia, 4 in Ortisei, what are you waiting for? We are ready to welcome you!

Nike Air Max Day 2023

An Air Max Story - "Against All Logic" Nike has once again chosen Spazio Pritelli to celebrate Air Max Day. We are happy to share this project with you, below is the link where you can watch the video.   Our thanks: Art Direction - Production @senapestudioDirector @gasperoni.lucaVideographer @konradlis_Stylist @camilla.fioravantiTalents @small_town_boi______ @jack_bi___tatouages @_fluente_ @b.e.n.t.y Project by Spazio Pritelli:Spazio PritelliSneakers.spaziopritelli Maurizio Pritelli 


Fashion has a new benchmark: the e-commerce dedicated to women's, men's, children's wear and the sneakers world is now online. A worldwide platform focused on fashion and whatever defines trend. The site combines the range from all the Gruppo Pritelli stores: Spazio Pritelli, Acquasalata, The Sneakers Shop and Kidz, each with a different style, from luxury to streetwear. More than 350 leading fashion brands collaborate with the Group, forming the offer of, which ranges from the collections of the most important and iconic luxury designers to new wave brands. The layout mixes functionality with an elegant minimalist aesthetic, through which the user can access more than 12,000 items dedicated to women, 8,000 to men, 4,000 to kids, and 1,500 sneakers. The shopping experience starts from the 4 dedicated home pages that cast the eye over an overall view; a filter-based search system available in all site listings allows you to easily find the desired item at every stage of browsing. All this makes each purchase unique and customizable. A specialized multilingual team, which can be contacted via email, chat and phone, follows the customer through every step of the purchase process by providing real-time responses to any specific needs. Deeply rooted in the core values of Gruppo Pritelli is the constant focus on customer satisfaction, reflected by in dedicated pre- and post-sales services.


Riccione Nov. 3, 2022. A.P.C. chooses Acquasalata Riccione as its partner to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the fashion brand created by Jean Touitou in 1987 in Paris. In honor of this milestone, on Nov. 13, the boutique of Viale Gramsci is hosting an event: the central focus will be the presentation of the special collection A.P.C. Touitou Interaction #17. The kick-off is set at 5 p.m., with music by Dj Cobra (Giorgia Annibalini) and free beers until 8 p.m.   The French clothing brand offers a wide range collection of apparel and accessories for men and women that incarnates a simple and natural elegance. The A.P.C. brand reflects the vision of its creator, consisting of a minimalistic and essential aesthetic. It is this very identity, elegant and casual, that makes A.P.C. a timeless brand.   “Fashion has become what jazz always was: 20% notes and 80% attitude, as Miles Davis liked to say. This means that you don’t need a huge wardrobe to play well. This collection is based on a dogma: monochrome. And a necessity: the refusal of repressive desublimation. In other words, leave me alone and let me do exactly what I want to do. I decide that we have enough clothes in our closet and I decide to add a limited series of pieces: P43 fatigues, A.P.C. jeans with a chain on the side, a Shetland sweater, and that’s it. And because I like to give meaning to what I do, the sentences written or suggested here and there refer to the superego, absurdity and economy as acts of war.”


A great success at La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival for the short film produced by Gruppo Pritelli, written and directed by Marco Celotti.     In addition to this prestigious award, "A Fashion Film for Nike Air Max" is also competing in 4 categories - Best Director, Best Advertising, Best Children Fashion Film and Best Actor - at the London Fashion Film Festival to be held on September 15 in London. All information here.


Three exclusive apartments in the heart of Cattolica, 5 minutes from the beach, in an ideal location to fully experience the sea and the city, which is also perfect for short stays. Two brand new two-bedroom and one three-bedroom flats equipped with all the comforts, set in a prestigious building where contemporary architecture is the star. All residences are characterised by their finishes, attention to detail and choice of materials, and each is equipped with underfloor heating and air conditioning. Visit Le Residenze